Fish Head
Fish Head
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Fish Head

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Art Fair Goer: Wow! Look at that guy! That would look great over the fireplace at our Cape cottage!
Me: Awesome! I've been waiting for someone with just that sort of thing in mind.
Art Fair Goer: Yeah, he's a beauty.
Me: Are you an angler yourself?
Art Fair Goer: Yeah, I do some fishing. You know, I would love to buy this one.
Me: Wonderful! I was hoping to find someone who would truly appreciate it.
Art Fair Goer: Well, I would be happy to have it. Uh...let's see...(looks around)... Let me just go check with my wife...

I never saw this man again, so the painting is still up for grabs! Bring your spouse.

  • Oil on stretched canvas, 2008
  • 18"x28" painting
  • Stretched on ¾" stretcher bars
  • Unfinished trim boards (not framed)

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