Harvey's Point, large blank greeting card
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Harvey's Point, large blank greeting card

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Tucked back in the woods near Pleasant Point in Wellfleet is an old bathtub set right into the ground. From what I've heard, a man named Harvey owned the land, installed the tub, and used to come lie in it and drink martinis. The area is now part of the Wellfleet Conservation Trust. Anyone can come to relax and watch the marsh birds fly by. The tub water is a bit green and gooey these days. Lying in it is not recommended. 2015 update: sad to say, someone has removed the tub. Hidden, actually.

Large 5"x7" greeting cards are high quality prints of original paintings on archival felted cardstock certified by the Forest Stewardship Council.  Available as singles, half dozen or dozen count sets.  Envelopes are included.

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